Happy Endings?

Life went on without you. Ofcourse it did. Ofcourse it does. It was just an ending they tell me, not the end.

-Lang Leav

I was 8 when I first came across the term ‘happily ever after’. It was in a Cinderella/Snow-white story or in one of the other fairy tales I guess, but it’s been long now and I’ve stopped believing in fairytales as much as I used to. Why? ’cause however much sweetness these stories can serve you, they rarely prove to be true. For only magic can bring you fairytales and sadly, Platform 9¾ is still far beyond my reach.

It often happens that not all are blessed with their own perfect sagas, because life wasn’t ever meant to be perfect. And it never would be. Let’s face it, reality can be extremely harsh. It can break you and it can show you awfully tough phases in life, but what after that? Simple answer: Just like any other phases of life, it passes away. Time is never meant to stay, it takes away all the happiness and sadness with it when it moves and so, I still can’t seem to figure out if the quote ‘everything changes’ is a good one or a bad one.

In real life, endings can be utterly painful. And it’s true that everything has to end one day, but then, it’s not necessary that everything has to end on a happy note; or on a note which is in accordance with you. Oftentimes, it so happens that some endings are so unexpected that they can hardly be considered as endings at all. That’s why they say, some stories are meant to end without an ending. So I believe that Sarah Kay taught me right when she told me that every story has a beginning, a middle and an end, but not necessarily in that order.

One should know the difference between living in the moment and living for the moment for even though the winter stars do seem blurry, the summer skies always bring back the warmth and even though autumns do make the leafs fall apart, the spring winds never fail to bloom new buds. So to hell with the happy ending, you’re here for the story!

But then, the real happy endings come after a story with lots of ups and downs. I’ve been told that life is too short and happiness is too rare. So the best one can do is gift themselves the happiness they really deserve, by learning to embrace sadness at the same time as trying to find joy in the smallest of the things. So maybe a happy ending doesn’t involve any one else by your side. Maybe it’s just you, all by yourself, trying to figure out your life and learning to do better. Maybe, the real happy ending is just accepting yourself for who you really are and making peace with it. And maybe, the real happy ending is just moving on and realizing that no matter what, life goes on.

..…and so this time, the Princess slayed the dragon on her own. She didn’t need a Prince to come to her rescue, instead she became her very own knight in shining armor. The ending wasn’t perfect and she didn’t live happily ever after, no one ever does. But there was happiness, and she did live.

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42 thoughts on “Happy Endings?

  1. Yes.. very well written fu..
    N very well understood.

    Life is composed of phases.. which always pass away!!

    I loved the usage of “oftentimes” word.. was amused reading it!

    Waiting for your next one!!!

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  2. ‘life wasn’t ever meant to be perfect’ ? Truest thing. Also, Sarah Kay’s teaching won’t ever be forgotten. I loved what you wrote, it was truly inspiring and to hell with happy endings:)

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  3. Dear Manasi I like the thought that it is all about the story and not the ending. Isn’t every day a new beginning, a new chapter? And what is happiness after all … a state of mind! NO ONE, but YOU can make yourself happy 🙂 Cheers looking forward to reading more from you. It would be great if you could have a subscribe button so we could subscribe and know when you post any thing new. Are you deciding on a routine for the frequency of the posts? That would be great too!

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    1. Thank you so much! Your thoughts make me want to write more on the topic. I’d surely implement your advice for the subscription of posts and yes, I’ll try my very best to maintain a routine once I decide how it is to go! 😀


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