Defeat or delusion

Writer’s block: This is a condition, primarily associated with writing, in which an author loses the ability to produce new work, or experiences a creative slowdown, which often results in the inability to produce any work for a considerable amount of time.

In simpler words, it’s the phase a writer goes through where she is unable to produce new writings. Now, while some may argue that it’s just an excuse, others may trudge long extents to prove that it is, infact, very real. To me, it’s how I give my procrastination a name that is not procrastination.

It’s been quite some time since my finals ended and since the very day of my last exam my father has been trying to convince me to continue with my writing. At first it was the excuse that ‘the exams have just finished, let me rest for some while’ but then it was the alibi of the infamous writer’s block. It was difficult, I agree, to get here and actually write something but once the words started flowing I found myself as spellbound as a child who when pushed into the water suddenly discovers that he hasn’t forgotten how to swim.

So what was it that led me to break this hiatus? You guessed it right, my father – he was the impetus. In the midst of a conversation centered around life and the enigma that it is, he subtly hinted how even the inscrutable can be overcome. He said to me ‘At times, defeat is just a matter of mindset. When we think we are blocked, we necessarily become blocked.’

When I thought about it, not one but two things became clear to me. First, something he said in passing; to me became the source of inspiration that brought me back here. Second, the futility of the monster named as surrender. Giving in and giving up. Throwing your hands up in the air. Believing that whatsoever the situation, nothing can be done to make it better. Refusing to look for a silver lining. Accepting defeat.

Now I know that life’s not always easy, but I also know that it’s the only one we’ve got — and it’s short.

The day we enter this universe, it becomes definite that someday we’re going to exit. It’s a simple concept really. Just an antithesis. What night is to day, what love is to hate. What sky is to earth, what dawn is to dusk. What white is to black, that’s what life is to death. It’s there, it’s coming. There’s no changing that. It’s not something that one can control. I speak for both you and me, when I say that our palms are lined and our days are numbered. But then again I speak for you and me both, when I say that life is beautiful if you make it so.

The only thing that ever comes out of accepting defeat is the realization that you lost, even when you didn’t — and if you’re a bit unluckier than most, with this realization follows a belief that you can’t ever succeed. So my question to you is, why ever succumb to defeat when you can defeat this defeat itself? Afterall, It’s just a mindset.

Life is short and life is long, but not in that order. So live it to your fullest, try to make the best out of it. Stop basking in the euphoria that everything will be okay in the end, rather, make everything okay. Also, to those of you who are as invested in this life as I am, we all very well know that it is infact possible to make a forever within the numbered days! (John Green anyone?😉)

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60 thoughts on “Defeat or delusion

  1. खूप छान विचार मांडले आहेस.भाषा चांगली आहे.त्यात flow आहे.अशीच नवीन विषय घेऊन भेटत रहा.खूप शुभेच्छा


  2. Wowww yrr this is literally amazing 🌹 I did knew that you write but not that you write so beautiful . I loved it. keep it up👍🏻


  3. Indeed. Every now and then people find themselves in a situation where they think they can’t succeed, but what if they overcome this mindset by their own strong self confidence? Wouldn’t it be hard or difficult for people who lack self confidence/belief. So easy to fall into it and so hard to come out of.

    Your writings are splendid. Keep it up.
    Best wishes👍


  4. So beautifully you have expressed your feelings and also motivated the ones who might have given up. This piece of writing by you, is truly splendid, Alter ego! Keep writing! ❤️❤️


  5. Good Writing Manasi … I read u r blog for the first time and liked it …. will surely read u r other posts too.


  6. Congrats Manasi,
    Very well scripted

    PL intrduce self with age
    These thoughts speak so mature and high in feelings
    Toooo good n close to people who understand real life (present artificial world)
    Love to read more n more
    Best wishes,Manasi


  7. “At times defeat is just a matter of mindset. When we think we are blocked, we necessarily become blocked”
    This is just Profound…It is not at times, it always.
    Wonderful effort, Keep Writing Manasi


  8. You had me at ‘When we think we are blocked, we necessarily become blocked.’
    I now realise my writer’s block are just an excuse. 😅


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